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Functional Genomics: from Gene Discovery to Function in Disease
Marcel Scheideler, May 2012, 324 pages, English [Abstract]
Bioinformatics Analysis of Proteomics Datasets
Jacques Colinge, March 2008, 89 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Information and communication technologies for none-invasive, optimized and patient-centered health care
Günter Schreier, July 2007, 37 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Lipases and Lipid Metabolism: Functions, Mouse Models and Comparative Genomics
Juliane Gertrude Strauss, May 2007, 36 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Techniques for In Vivo Assessment of Glucose and FFA Metabolism
Zlatko Trajanoski, Jan 1998, 80 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]


Novel software for stable isotopic labelling assisted and LC-HRMS based
untargeted metabolomics research and tracer-fate studies
Christoph Bueschl, December 2014, 127 pages, English [Abstract]
Novel Strategies for the In-depth Analysis of Complex Microbial Communities
Bettina Halwachs, August 2014, 325 pages, English [Abstract]
Influence of Distinct MicroRNAs on White and Brown Adipogenesis in Human
Michael Karbiener, July 2011, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development and Application of a Database for Research on Genes
involved in Senescence, Apoptosis and Oxidative Stress
Edith Hofer, June 2011, 161 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Identification of microrna networks associated with tumor
progression in colorectal cancer
Pornpimol Charoentong, November 2010, 101 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
NUR77-dependent PPARγ2 deregulation in fasted white adipose tissue
Kalina Duszka, November 2010, 63 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Exome analysis using next-generation sequencing data
Maria Fischer, November 2010, 103 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Bioinformatics platform for metabolic model development
Stephan Pabinger, April 2010, 80 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Integration and Representation of High-throughput Proteomics and Cheminformatics Data
Ceereena Ubaida Mohien, Oct 2009, 91 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Integration of bioprocess and gene expression data of penicillium chrysogenum
Robert Rader, August 2009, 122 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design, implementation, and evaluation of a web-based quality management application for diabetes
Ivo Rakovac, June 2009, 86 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Integrative Analysis of the Immune Response in Colorectal Cancer
Gabriela Bindea, May 2009, 95 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Quantitative analysis of the dynamic properties of chromatin associated proteins by fluorescence recovery after photobleaching experiments
Florian Müller, Oct 2008, 105 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Expression profiling of Penicillium chrysogenum
Thomas Ramsauer, June 2008, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Linear and Spatial Organization of Active Genes
Dietmar Rieder, April 2008, 69 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
A platform for integrated and patient-centered therapy management of chronic diseases
Alexander Kollmann, Feb 2008, 89 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Identification of glucocorticoid regulated microRNAs in human acute lymphoblastic leukemia cells
Johannes Rainer, Oct 2007, 111 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Sequence-analytic characterization and prediction of furin cleavage recognition site based on a simple substrate-catalytic domain binding structural model
Sun Tian, June 2007, 96 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Transcriptional regulation of gene networks
Thomas R. Burkard, June 2007, 193 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Large-scale identification of C/EBPa targets during in vitro adipogenesis
Andreas Prokesch, May 2007, 70 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Bioinformatics Platform for Large-Scale Proteomics Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data
Jürgen Hartler, May 2007, 142 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Data Management and Analysis for Biomolecular Arrays
Gerhard Thallinger, Apr 2007, 142 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Identification of immune-related genes and gene combinations for predicting recurrence in colorectal cancer
Bernhard Mlecnik, Apr 2007, 102 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Computational Environment for Cell Imaging
Gernot Stocker, Feb 2007, 144 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Comparative Analysis of Human and Mouse Transcriptomes
Alexander Sturn, Feb 2005, 179 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a Bioinformatics Platform for Cancer Immunogenomics
Robert Molidor, Oct 2004, 119 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a Bioinformatics Platform for Large-scale Gene Expression Profiling
Michael Maurer, Oct 2004, 131 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Transcriptional Profiling of Adipogenesis
Hubert Hackl, Feb 2004, 114 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]


Reverse Engineering und Erweiterung der Mikrobiom-Analyse Plattform SnoWMan
Johann Höftberger, May 2013, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Correlation Matrices for the Analysis and Integration of Transcriptome and Metabolome Data Sets
Wolfgang Kopp, May 2012, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Molecular analysis of the tumor suppressor gene A20/TNFAIP3 in lymphoid malignancies
Markus Lassnig, Oct 2011, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Characterization of human multipotent adipose-derived stem (hMADS) cells upon
transient and stable microRNA over-expression
Cornelia Mutz, July 2011, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
A white to brown shift in human adipogenesis
Karin Mössenböck, June 2011, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Validation of Tablet Coding Parameters
Christoph Schinwald, June 2011, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Establishment of the Luciferase Assay for the identification of direct microRNA/messenger RNA interactions in human cells
Christoph Fischer, October 2010, 132 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Model Driven Software Development with an Application to the Management of Mutein Data
Bettina Halwachs, May 2010, 102 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
alpha/beta-hydrolase domain containing 15 (Abhd15)- A new Player in Adipogenesis
Evelyn Walenta, April 2010, 61 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Signing, validation and comparison of experimental data within iLAP
Matthias Huber, April 2010, 60 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Mathematical Models of Adipogenesis
Oana Alina Tomescu, March 2010, 51 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Integration of regulatory sequence and gene expression data
Christian Mommerskamp, March 2010, 65 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Establishment and analysis of CPP-mediated microRNA silencing in human mesenchymal stem cells
Michael Goeschl, Sept 2009, 83 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Sniffng Out Cancer - An Evaluation of GC-MS and eNose for Early Bladder Cancer Detection
Christina Maria Weber, Sept 2009, 116 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Database for the Management of Glycosaminoglycan-binding Proteins
Tanja Sisel, July 2009, 82 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Archiving and comparison of experimental data within iLAP (Laboratory data management, Analysis and Protocol development)
Michael Oberstolz, Mar 2009, 66 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Data retrieval and automatic data post-processing within iLAP (Laboratory data management, Analysis and Protocol development)
Simon Kainz, Dec 2008, 51 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
ECG visualization software for cardiac pacemaker follow-up examinations
Martin Ulbel, Sept 2008, 70 pages, German [Full Text][Abstract]
Identification of microRNA-mRNA interaction networks targeting adipogenesis and obesity
Peter Opriessnig, Sept 2008, 76 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
APMAP: A new gene in the adipogenesis
Stephan Seifriedsberger, June 2008, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
MPG-mediated delivery of small RNAs into human mesenchymal stem cells during proliferation and adipocyte differentiation
Nnaemeka Ndodo, Dec 2007, 62 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
The activity of ErbB receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitors against breast and ovarian cancer cells
Waheed Shabbir, Sept 2007, 74 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and development of a database and retrieval system for research in cellular aging
Martina Pitzl, Sept 2007, 55 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Component based web applications
Edith Hofer, May 2007, 79 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Transcriptional Regulation during early Adipogenesis (Fat Cell Formation): Nur77 a novel player
Anders Nielsen, April 2007, 59 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Web-based Integration of IT Platforms for Biomedical Research
Cornelia Kirchner, Sept 2006, 91 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Sample Annotation of MS Experiments
Andreas Scheucher, Sept 2006, 63 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Digital Lab Book, a web-based module for experiment management within the Scientific Microscopy Lab Environment project
Maria Fischer, Sept 2006, 102 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development of a Web-based application for managing and analyzing real-time PCR experiments
Stephan Pabinger, May 2006, 108 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Extension of a mobile biosignal acquisition system by a wireless data interface and a mass storage device capability
Klemens Fehringer, May 2006, 61 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Tissue Microarray Database Application: Redesign using a Model Driven Architecture Approach
Kerstin Baumgartner, May 2006, 82 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Implementation of an Analysis Module for Clinical Patient Data
Bruno Cadonna, Mar 2006, 64 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a Database for Protein-Protein Interaction in Crystals
Robert Rader, Dez 2005, 95 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Bayesian Networks in Clinical Decision Support
Thomas J. Fuchs, Oct 2005, 71 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Numerical Simulations of Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching Experiment
Florian Müller, May 2005, 86 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Web-based virtual management of biosamples for medical research network
Michael Josef Nitzlnader, May 2005, 87 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Integrating DNA Microarrays into Bayesian Framework
Wladyslaw Zielinski, Mar 2005, 116 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Adipogenesis Cell Line Model: Transfection Process Optimisation and Validation of Microarray Data via qPCR
Roman Fiedler, Feb 2005, 100 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Mapping of data from medicinal quality circles in a web based application service
Armin Harrasser, Dec 2004, 100 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
StocksDB: Design and Development of a Database Application for the Management of Biological Stocks
Achuthan Premanand, Nov 2004, 123 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Gene expression profiling for identification of early markers in osteoblastogenesis
Sunaina Yadav, Oct 2004, 87 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development of a Java-based SQL query editor for analysis of disease management data
Florian Kirchmeir, May 2004, 105 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Validation of algorithms for ECG signal proccessing
Teubl Jörg, Mar 2004, 62 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Online Monitoring of strategic IT systems in a university hospital environment
Stefan Daxenbichler, Feb. 2004, 58 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Character recognition on display images for control of blood pressure by remote monitoring
Martin Kramer, Feb. 2004, 77 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Web based visualization of medical data
Christian Gossy, Feb 2004, 72 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Data transmition tool for telemedicine
Kurt Edegger, Feb 2004, 91 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a User Managment System for Molecular Biology Database System
Dieter Zeller, Oct 2003, 81 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a Database for Tissue Microarray Experiment
Martin Pirklbauer, Oct 2003, 92 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Quality Control for Microarray Production
Christoph Thumser, Sep 2003, 78 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Data Integration into a Gene Expression Databas
Thomas Truskaller, Sep 2003, 71 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Java Tool for Normalization and Analysis of Microarray Data
Roland Pieler, Sep 2003, 81 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development of a Web Application for Cluster Analysis of Microarray Data
Johannes Rainer, Sep 2003, 66 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Web Interface for Yeast Protein Localization Database (YPL.db)
Mathias Kals, Sep 2003, 73 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Analysis of 3T3-L1 Cell Line During Differentiation
Thomas Burkard , May. 2003, 66 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Database for Cancer Immunology
Bernhard Mlecnik , Mar 2003, 86 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Gene Expression Profiling of Cytokine Activated T-cell
Thomas Ramsauer, Feb. 2003, 72 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Interface Concept for Medical Devices
Christoph Köhrer, Dec. 2002, 73 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Pacemaker Follow-up System
Alexander Kollmann, Dec. 2002, 71 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
System for Automatic Long-run ECG Remote Analysis
Christian Peer, Dec. 2002, 86 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Prediction and Identification of Large Scale Chromatin Decondensation
Dietmar Rieder, Nov 2002, 82 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Evaluation of a Spotting Device for cDNA Microarrays
Jürgen Wimmer, Nov 2002, 58 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development of a Pathway-Editor and a Web-Application for Lipid-Associated Disorders
Elmar Trost, Sep 2002, 79 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development of a Client Application for a Server Based Care Management Network
Reinhard Moser, Sep 2002, 163 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Analyzing Gene-Expression Data with Bayesian Networks
Dejori Mathäus, Jun 2002, 56 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Large Scale Gene Expression Profiling during Adipogenesis of Murine Bone Marrow Stem Cells
Andreas Prokesch, Jun 2002, 71 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Web based Education in Bioinformatics
Daniel Würinger, Jun 2002, 51 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Development of a Database for Mental Illnesses
Jürgen Hartler, Jun 2002, 63 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Yeast Protein Localization Database
Georg Habeler, Nov 2001, 54 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Linux Cluster for Bioinformatic Applications
Gernot Stocker, Oct 2001, 70 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Analysis of Proteinarray Image Sets
Edgar Neuherz, Oct 2001, 74 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Excitability Measurements of Peripheral Nerves
Alexander Mori, Oct 2001, 147 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Cluster Analysis for Large Scale Gene Expression Studies
Alexander Sturn, Jan. 2001, 82 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Analysis of Microarray Images
Robert Molidor, Oct 2000, 94 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Assessment of Thermogenesis in Human Skeletal Muscle
Michael Maurer, Jan 2000, 76 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Measurement of Leptin Levels in the Interstitial Fluid
Hubert Hackl, Jan 1997, 79 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]


Graphische Benutzeroberfläche für MSn Lipidfragmentierungsregeln
Andreas Ziegl, Jan 2015, 44 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Gap Closing with PacBio Sequence Data
Tanja Grill, July 2014, 48 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Approximate name matching in a medical context
Robert Reihs, June 2014, 119 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Vergleich von Methoden für die Analyse der Mikrobiom β-Diversität
Kerstin Wallner, May 2014, 91 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Reference Database for Scientific Literature Organization
Christian Markus Hofer, July 2013, 52 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Fructose and weight gain
Johanna Maria Ticar, Sep 2011, 36 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Caveolae And Their Function In The Glucose-And Lipometabolism
Hannah Greiner, April 2011, 42 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Visualization of mapping results from highthroughput sequencing experiments
Peter Ulz, Nov 2010, 51 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Comparative Methods Evaluation for qPCR Analysis
Christoph Ober, Nov 2009, 56 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Validation of microRNAs targeting human adipogenesis
Susanne Nowitsch, May 2009, 54 pages [Full Text] [Abstract]
MicroRNA target prediction
Agnes Leitner, Jul 2009, 36 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
ERIS - Enzyme Reaction Information System
Franz Fenninger, Jun 2009, 18 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Modular Software Architecture based on JAVA/JEE
Wolfgang Kopp, Jun 2009, 39 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Stringmatching Algorithms in Bioinformatics
Christopher Goeritz, Sep 2008, 28 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]