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Integrative Analysis of Omics Data
Oana Alina Tomescu, May 2015, 252 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Novel software for stable isotopic labelling assisted and LC-HRMS based
untargeted metabolomics research and tracer-fate studies
Christoph Bueschl, December 2014, 127 pages, English [Abstract]
Novel Strategies for the In-depth Analysis of Complex Microbial Communities
Bettina Halwachs, August 2014, 325 pages, English [Abstract]
Bioinformatics Platform for Large-Scale Proteomics Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry Data
Jürgen Hartler, May 2007, 142 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Data Management and Analysis for Biomolecular Arrays
Gerhard Thallinger, Apr 2007, 142 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]


Classification of cancers of unknown primary with deep learning using gene expression data
Julian Krappinger, May 2020, 126 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Identification of Galacto- and Oxidized Lipids with Lipid Data Analyzer
Christoph Krettler, March 2020, 104 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Reconstruction of Regulatory Networks from Epigenetic and Transcriptomic Data
Tobias Singhania, May 2018, 119 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Clustering of Biological Data
Philipp Kulich, April 2018, 58 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Comparison of ddRAD Analysis Pipelines
Emilian Jungwirth, December 2017, 105 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Accelerating Peak Detection in MS Data with Graphics Processing Unit Programming
Stefan Brandstätter, November 2017, 63 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
To integrate, or not to integrate . . .
A comparison between sequential and integrative analysis methods for omics data
Natascha Fladischer, November 2017, 130 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Genome characterization of multi resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains
Simon Kneringer, October 2017, 135 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Helicobacter pylori Genomics
Silvia Madritsch, October 2017, 95 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Comparison of Integrative Analysis Methods based on Simulated and Biological Data Sets
Bettina Pucher, October 2015, 116 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
A computational workflow supporting the evaluation of drug efficacy
Christine Moik, May 2014, 69 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Correction, Refinement and Comparison of Genome Scale Metabolic Models of Different Escherichia coli Strains
Lydia Hangelmann, March 2014, 101 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Reverse Engineering und Erweiterung der Mikrobiom-Analyse Plattform SnoWMan
Johann Höftberger, May 2013, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Correlation Matrices for the Analysis and Integration of Transcriptome and Metabolome Data Sets
Wolfgang Kopp, May 2012, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Model Driven Software Development with an Application to the Management of Mutein Data
Bettina Halwachs, May 2010, 102 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Component based web applications
Edith Hofer, May 2007, 79 pages, English [Full Text][Abstract]
Development of a Web-based application for managing and analyzing real-time PCR experiments
Stephan Pabinger, May 2006, 108 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Tissue Microarray Database Application: Redesign using a Model Driven Architecture Approach
Kerstin Baumgartner, May 2006, 82 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a Database for Protein-Protein Interaction in Crystals
Robert Rader, Dez 2005, 95 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Bayesian Networks in Clinical Decision Support
Thomas J. Fuchs, Oct 2005, 71 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Design and Development of a Database for Tissue Microarray Experiment
Martin Pirklbauer, Oct 2003, 92 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Quality Control for Microarray Production
Christoph Thumser, Sep 2003, 78 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Data Integration into a Gene Expression Databas
Thomas Truskaller, Sep 2003, 71 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Java Tool for Normalization and Analysis of Microarray Data
Roland Pieler, Sep 2003, 81 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Web Interface for Yeast Protein Localization Database (YPL.db)
Mathias Kals, Sep 2003, 73 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Yeast Protein Localization Database
Georg Habeler, Nov 2001, 54 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Analysis of Proteinarray Image Sets
Edgar Neuherz, Oct 2001, 74 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Analysis of Microarray Images
Robert Molidor, Oct 2000, 94 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]


Bachelor Thesis 1: High throughput sequence validation of mitochondrial tRNAs
Bachelor Thesis 2: Establishment of the YAMAT-seq protocol for sequencing transfer RNAs
Stephanie Freydl, May 2020, 78 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Use of Propidium Monoazide for selective detection of viable/dead microorganisms in spacecraft assembly facilities
Ibrahim Aly, August 2019, 64 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Bachelor Thesis 1: Establishment of a procedure for sequence validation of mitochondrial tRNAs in the oribatid mite Paraleius leontonychus
Bachelor Thesis 2: Establishment of a standard operating procedure for sequence validation of not annotated mitochondrial tRNAs in the oribatid mite Paraleius leontonychus
Stefanie Scherr, May 2019, 51 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Lung fibrosis as a consequence of a perturbation of mitochondrial metabolism and biogenesis
Tea Janko, August 2018, 106 pages, Slovenian [Full Text] [Abstract]
Graphische Benutzeroberfläche für MSn Lipidfragmentierungsregeln
Andreas Ziegl, Jan 2015, 44 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Gap Closing with PacBio Sequence Data
Tanja Grill, July 2014, 48 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Approximate name matching in a medical context
Robert Reihs, June 2014, 119 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Vergleich von Methoden für die Analyse der Mikrobiom β-Diversität
Kerstin Wallner, May 2014, 91 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]
Reference Database for Scientific Literature Organization
Christian Markus Hofer, July 2013, 52 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Visualization of mapping results from highthroughput sequencing experiments
Peter Ulz, Nov 2010, 51 pages, English [Full Text] [Abstract]
Comparative Methods Evaluation for qPCR Analysis
Christoph Ober, Nov 2009, 56 pages, German [Full Text] [Abstract]