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The authors wish to make Genesis Server available on a nonexclusive basis to interested parties for noncommercial internal research purposes.
Genesis Server is available free of charge only to academic, government, and other nonprofit institutions for noncommercial, nonprofit internal research purposes. Note that the license terms specifically limit its use to such purposes. License applications are reviewed manually and an email including the credentials necessary for the download will be sent to you as soon as the evaluation process has been completed. So you are requested to carefully and truthfully state all information necessary. This process may take a couple of days. If you do not get an answer within a week or your request is urgent please contact: Genesis@genome.tugraz.at.

     Request a license


If you are interested in obtaining a commercial use license for Genesis Server, please send your name, address, fax and telephone numbers as well as your email address, along with a description of the inteded use (e.g. education, internal research, customer support, single or site licence, etc), to: Gerhard.Thallinger@tugraz.at.

Commercial users are free to download the executables for a 30 day trial. If you wish to use the software beyond the 30 days you must take the appropriate licensing steps. If you do not wish to continue using the software after the trial period, you must remove it from all machines on which you have installed it.

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