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MOLECULAR DIAGNOSTICS [444.282, 2VO SS] [444.283, 2UE SS]


Andreas Prokesch (lecture 2012)
Juliane Bogner-Strauss (lecture 2011)
Marcel Scheideler (lab)


Molecular diagnostics in biomedicine: Introduction into the principles and applications of molecular diagnostics in biomedical applications like virology, oncology, detection of pathogens and genetic modified organisms. Introduction into molecular-diagnostical methods like ELISA, Westernblot, quantitative RT-PCR, and emerging methods like next-generation sequencing, DNA microarrays and SNP genotyping.



Molecular Diagnostics of Infectious Diseases by Harald H. Kessler (available as ebook in TU Graz library)
Molecular Diagnostics: The Key in Personalized Cancer Medicine by Jan Trost Jorgensen and Henrik Winther
Molecular Diagnostics: Techniques and Applications for the Clinical Laboratory by Wayne W. Grody, Robert M. Nakamura, Frederick L. Kiechle and Charles Strom
Molecular Diagnostics: Fundamentals, Methods and Clinical Applications by Lela Buckingham
Molecular Diagnostics: For the Clinical Laboratorian by William B. Coleman and Gregory J. Tsongalis

Lecture 2012

Das zentrale Dogma der Molekularbiologie   [pdf]
PCR_Real-time PCR_digitalPCR   [pdf]
ImmunoAssays (ELISA, immunoPCR...)   [pdf]
Diagnostik von Krankheitserregern   [pdf]
Diagnostik genomischer Variationen (SNPs, CNVs...)   [pdf]
Microarrays in der Diagnostik   [pdf]
Sequenziertechnologien   [pdf]
Mikroskopietechniken (Karyotypisieren)   [pdf]
Proteinanalytik   [pdf]

Lecture 2011

Das zentrale Dogma der Molekularbiologie (VO1)   [pdf]
PCR (VO2)   [pdf]
Real-Time PCR (VO3)   [ppt]
DNA-Fingerprint (VO4)   [pdf]
ELISA (VO5)   [ppt]
SNP-Genotypisierung (VO6)   [ppt]
Krankheitserreger und Diagnose (VO11)   [ppt]
Western Blot All (V11)   [ppt]
RekombinanteDNA (VO12)   [pdf]